ASUS RT-N66U 802.11a/b/g/n router review

Our evaluate of the Asus RT-N66U
Speed: 450Mbps
Compliance: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Safety: Push button WPS, WEP, WPA, WPA2
Other functions: dual Band, Gigabit Ethernet, IPv6 well suited

The ASUS RT-N66U is a router made through a agency this is some distance better acknowledged for laptops, pills, and, greater currently, smartphones. It’s far a clever and herbal move due to the fact the generation is evolving quick and, increasingly, the simplest purpose most of the people have a computer is for internet offerings get admission to.

The unit seems impressively powerful with its 3 antennas, all adjustable for position, and setting it at the wall mounting provided makes it look specifically sci-fi.

It’s miles a simultaneous dual band wireless router, that means that it will installation two networks, one at 2.4GHz, for everyday wi-fi use, and 5GHz for high powered use like video and gaming, both with 450 Mbps giving a complete of 900 Mbps.

Asus have positioned a lot of work into making this one of the easiest to setup routers you may buy, particularly spectacular for a bit of package this complex.

Really tuning at the router and going to the browser of a wireless enabled device like a pc, tablet or even a cellphone, will mechanically lead you to the setup interface to enter a password and identity that is printed in the guide.

That’s it! Pretty cool.

The antennas are powerful enough to give right reception in locations like a big house with multiple tiers to penetrate. Bandwidth is extraordinary over wi-fi, however with best USB 2 to be had (2 ports) it’s manner down the size as compared with the wi-fi velocity.

Gigabit Ethernet is also to be had with 4 ports for wired networking. The ASUSWRT Dashboard UI is a person friendly manner to screen connections and bandwidth distribution, assigning specific bandwidth priorities for alternative duties, so if you’re a gamer and set that as precedence, bandwidth may be assigned to that challenge over others.

It also continues tabs on usual net usage, connections and many others. It has a one-touch replace function for firmware, something that has been an difficulty for this model within the past.

The Asus AiCloud is the cloud disk service provided, loose up to two GB. It’s miles a beneficial web storage alternative and clever access allows you to get right of entry to the house network from anywhere. Clever Sync, the 1/3 part of the carrier, allows you to apply a folder on a usb pressure connected to the router as a sync folder.

It comes with a two yr warranty and there are a few unfastened downloads at the Asus website. The charge has already come down pretty a chunk since it was first launched and it turned into decent cost then, so value for money continues getting higher.

Lack of USB 3 ports is the most effective failure, and the unit can get very hot, however then there is the wall mounting to negate that problem. The real motive to buy this model over others is the excessive speed and, specially, the variety and penetration of the wi-fi. The simplicity of the setup is an first-rate bonus.