Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router review

Pace: Up to 2 Gbps
Compliance: IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac
Safety: Push button, 128-bit WEP
Different features: dual Band, four Gigabit ports, three antennas, USB 3.0

Netgear is better recognized for imparting its hardware to ISP’s like BT and Virgin (inside the uk at least). Stable and dependable are words that spring to thoughts but that’s where the plaudits usually stop. Their routers don’t have the reputation or swagger of manufacturers like ASUS with their splendid-villain seems.

However, the Nighthawk R7000 modifications all that…

It’s traces are smooth and angular – black with a matt finish, three outside antennas add a dimension of smooth aggression and flickering lighting fixtures like there’s something special “below the hood”.

And there may be – there absolutely is. This router is maximum simply now not quick of features and boasts a remarkable Broadcom BCM4708A chipset – turning in ‘turbo QAM’ – giving a wi-fi n speedbump to 600 Mbps (up from 45 Mbps). Mixed with the 1300 Mbps of 802.11ac – you grow to be with speeds of 1900 Mbps!

Netgear have also set the same old to conquer in terms of CPU – including a pair of 1GHz CPU’s (the primary router to do so!).

The nighthawk R7000 comes with Beamforming – which means that very cleverly the router can inform wherein your related gadgets are and enhance the sign in that direction – rather than sending a sign out in every path!

Other features
The Nighthawk R7000 comes with a couple of USB ports for mass storage gadgets – unluckily one is USB 3.Zero and one is USB 2.Zero and in all honesty, this left us scratching our heads – why no longer 2 x USB 3.0???

It has WPA/WPA2 safety, WPS and visitor community aid. You could also have a customised URL for a private FTP server (first-class contact netgear!).

Setup is straightforward and fairly run of the mill. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the ASUS fashions.