Netgear Router Password | Default Netgear Router Passwords List

Welcome to the Netgear router login password web page – right here you will discover a list of Netgear default router passwords. This page lists default passwords for Netgear Routers. With the default username and password you may be capable of access the settings of your Netgear wi-fi Router.

Comply with the 3 easy steps underneath to get entry to the settings of your Netgear Router.

Step 1
Find your Netgear router model beneath.

Manufacturer Model Protocol Username Password
Netgear ADSL Modem DG632 HTTP admin password
NetGear Comcast HTTP comcast 1234
Netgear DG834 admin password
Netgear dg834g HTTP admin password
Netgear DM602 FTP Telnet and HTTP admin password
netgear FM114P Multi n/a (none)
Netgear FR114P HTTP admin password
Netgear FR314 HTTP admin password
Netgear FVS318 HTTP admin password
Netgear FWG114P Multi n/a admin
Netgear GS724t HTTP n/a password
Netgear GSM7224 HTTP admin (none)
Netgear ME102 SNMP (none) private
Netgear MR-314 HTTP admin 1234
Netgear MR314 Multi admin 1234
Netgear MR814 HTTP admin password
NetGear RM356 Telnet (none) 1234
Netgear Router/Modem Multi admin password
Netgear RP114 HTTP admin 1234
Netgear RP114 Telnet (none) 1234
Netgear RP614 HTTP admin password
Netgear RT314 HTTP admin admin
Netgear WG602 HTTP super 5777364
NETGEAR WGR614 HTTP admin password
Netgear WGR614 Multi admin password
NetGear WGT624 HTTP admin password
Netgear WGT634U HTTP admin password
Netgear WNR834 Bv2 admin password
Netgear WNR834Bv2 HTTP admin password
Netgear WPN824 / WPN824v2 HTTP admin password

If you can’t find the precise version of the router you are searching out, dont fear, Netgears default password is usually admin/password or admin/1234

Step 2
The use of your favorite browser, go to to get admission to the Netgear Router Login page.

Step 3
Use the username and password in Step 1 to login to your router.

If the password does now not paintings, it way it has been modified. You may revert the tool returned to manufacturing unit settings by using conserving down the reset button at the lower back of your Netgear router for 10 seconds. As soon as the tool has been reset you may be able to login to the router with the default password.
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